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What some patients are saying about their experience with Dr. Suman Tewari...

"The following truly describes who Dr. Suman is to me…

I have found the doctor I have longed for my whole life!

For so long, I’ve avoided the path that leads to a door such as hers,

and yet now I must return to the medical world despite my fears of it. 

I knocked and she answered. 

Our appointment begins….

The gaze of her eyes upon me quiets my ragged breath.

The touch of her hand upon my shoulder calms my every fear.

She is gentle.  She is aware.  She is smart.  She is goodness.

Shhh... she says to me.  Let it go. 

All is well.  You do not walk this path of healing alone.

Relax and trust.  Let health return to you, where it always belongs…"

~JW, Michigan

"Under the care of Dr. Suman Tewari, I feel that I am being seen and treated with the wholeness of my being in consideration. She offers an individualized and natural approach to cultivating balance and healing, and has a wealth of knowledge to share from the wide scope of her practice.

     I have enjoyed learning about myself through her evaluations of various at-home health tests and appreciate that the supplements recommended are mostly herbal and from trusted sources she researches. Dr. Tewari creates a warm, supportive and safe environment to discuss and address various aspects of health and wellbeing and I would recommend her to any woman who seeks in-depth, personalized holistic care."


"I first have had the great pleasure of meeting Suman more closely as a friend about a year ago and as Dr Tewari very recently. Aside from a truly impressive knowledge and education in holistic medicine and gynecology, she embodies exquisite feminine nurturing qualities that immediately make you feel at ease, heard, and supported.

     I have been so impressed with her service: She not only guided me through the results of tests, in a way that was solution driven and clear for me to understand; she not only suggested me to use natural products in a bottle and provided me with links to order them; she also offered easy to implement daily life solutions so that I can change my lifestyle in a way that is good for my body while enjoying life to the fullest. I recommend Dr Tewari to any woman for guidance towards a holistic strong healthy life. Thank you Dr Tewari." 

~Ann Van de Winckel, PhD, MSPT, PT

"Dr. Suman Tewari is a compassionate, thoughtful, open-hearted healer! She is also my gynecologist! Her thoughtful and thorough care helped me get to know my body on a whole new level. She took the time to explain anything I had questions about and I never felt rushed–I felt like a valued family member, not a patient. Thank you, Dr. Suman! I am so very blessed to have her on my side; the peace of mind truly is priceless."

~Jen Sprague

Certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor 

"I started working with Dr. Tewari after being repeatedly failed by traditional medicine. The typical ten minute office visit I’d normally have with traditional practitioners was no longer serving me. Dr. Tewari took the time to understand my unique medical history and created a plan that got to the root cause of my issues. With her guidance, my gut is now healed! She is highly knowledgeable, trustworthy and compassionate. Thank you, Dr. Tewari!"

- Julia B.

"She is on top of her profession and won't just give you a diagnosis and a prescription but will go one step further to look at your diagnoses at the micro level. She will then prescribe a tailored holistic plan of care to best meet your needs. She has challenged me to change my habits and thinking so I can work on becoming a healthier me!"

- A current patient

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