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For Your Information, at this practice...



  • We do NOT take any insurance. We will give you a receipt with diagnosis codes to submit to your health insurance to receive any reimbursement that is due to you (for seeing an out-of-network provider)

  • Here are the current fees for Office Visits:
    New Patient visit - $450 (90 min)
    Follow Up visit - $350 (60 min)
    Follow Up visit - $300 (45 min)
    Follow Up visit - $200 (30 min)
    Follow Up visit - $100 (15 min)


Obstetrical (Pregnancy):

  • We do NOT provide Obstetrical care (pregnancy/prenatal care, deliveries, etc.). 

  • We do provide consultations for obstetrical patients who are seeking a holistic approach to their pregnancy care. 


Surgeries and Procedures:

  • We do NOT do surgeries. 

  • We will consult with patients about what may need to be done surgically and refer patients to an OBGYN that does perform surgeries.

  • We do perform minor procedures in the office: 

    • Endometrial, Cervical, and Vulvar biopsy

    • Polyp removal

    • Modified Colposcopy

    • Removal of IUD

    • Insertion of IUD


So, are you ready to INVEST in your Self?

If YES, let's get to know each other! 

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