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Hi, YOU there,


I’m so happy meeting you, visiting my website. I would like to present myself to you. I am Suman Tewari, MD. But, I am also much more than that. As you can see from this homepage, you see a picture of me as a traditional MD gynecologist, who is very passionate about what I’m doing, and next to it you see another picture of me, of that person, who is much more than just a title and uniform.


And the person you see in the second picture is that woman, that one day, a very long time ago, as a little child had a dream, a dream of becoming a physician who could help those ladies in need through her knowledge and her competencies.  Today I have that title, and so, I can present myself to you as a practitioner, as an MD gynecologist, to help you in the most traditional way that you know, for what a gynecologist is doing for her patients. 


But over the years, over my experience with patients, I have noticed and I have lived through experience, that a patient is much more than just a number, just a file. So I made the choice one day, to open a door, to a world much greater, of some knowledge, modules, call it what you like, which brought me information, so that I could extend my knowledge that I received in medical school.


So now today, now I offer to you, you the beautiful person who is visiting my website, the opportunity to meet me so that I can offer you those two people in one body, traditional MD plus that other woman that you see in the right picture.


If you are interested to go further and have a look on my website, you will find all the information that you need, how to contact me. And know that I’m also here to guide you through personal coaching in so many topics, all things who are related to that woman who is looking to find herself. If you have some questions, just fill in your information, send it to me, and I will come back as soon as possible to you.

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